Who are we?

Bethesda was opened in 1932 as a centre of Christian worship and service. We proclaim the good news of the Christian faith.

We are an independent Church, committed to the faith of the Bible. We acknowledge only one name as worthy of our allegiance, that of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We hold a variety of services and activities aimed at a wide range of ages and interests. We try to make all the meetings interesting and enjoyable and everyone is welcome.

We have no ordained minister. Leadership is the responsibility of a number of Elders chosen from within the Church. All members of the Church are encouraged to use and develop their God given abilities in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We support a wide range of Christian initiatives both in this country and overseas, including medical work, education programmes, relief agencies and missionary activities. We have people from the Church who are serving God in other countries.

We practise baptism of believers by total immersion in water.

Every Sunday we share bread and wine, in the simple way the Lord Jesus did with his disciples just before He died, as a remembrance of Him.

We assure you of a warm and sincere welcome to our services and other activities.