Child Protection Policy

Protecting children: Safeguarding adults

At Bethesda we acknowledge that children and young people must at all times be looked after and cared for with love and understanding in a responsible manner. To achieve this we have produced clear guidelines for all volunteers involved in the various children and youth activities of the Church. Volunteers have received training on protecting children from harm and providing them with the highest possible quality of care.

We acknowledge our legal responsibility in line with legislation and expect all volunteers to go through an assessment of their suitability for involvement with children or young people. Volunteers certify they do not have any previous prosecutions, convictions, cautions or bind over orders. Certifications are verified where necessary and the Wales Council for Voluntary Action provide support in undertaking Criminal Records Bureau checks.

Risk assessments are carried out on activities and high risk activities are avoided. We have accident reporting procedures designed to ensure that appropriate action is taken and that parents are informed of the details.

Annually, we ask parents to complete a form giving their permission to allow their child to be involved in the various activities of the Church, including transportation in the minibus or by car.

We take seriously care and safety of children, believing that our Lord Jesus Christ gave us a clear command to care for and protect children encouraging them to know the Lord Jesus personally in their lives.